From The Forums: Home Value, Should I Install Solar


One of the best features of TreeHugger is our forums. Not only will you find tons of entertaining discussions going on, you'll also find a lot of helpful people with answers to your green questions. I've started a discussion today about a concern I have installing a solar system into our "transitional house."

My wife and I would love to install a solar power system in our house, however I doubt we will be in our current home in Portland more than 5 years or so. That being said, if we install a solar electric system we won't recoup our investment from electricity savings over the next 20+ years.

I do see that installing a solar system would likely increase the value of our home, and I believe that you can get that value-add back from your taxes when you sell the home because that increase in value is tax exempt.

With other local/federal incentives, that seems like we could see a $10k investment in solar might return $20k in home value. Not to mention that it might make the home more attractive to future buyers.

Our realtor seems to agree that anything green is a good investment.

Can anyone shed light on this?

No pun intended.

If you have the answer for us, please come in and share it!!!