From the Forums: High Food Prices, Here's How to Save


It isn't just gasoline on everyone's mind these days. High food prices have got us all worried about feeding ourselves and our families. Forum member ed has started a thread on how to save money at the grocery store, but first points out:

The winners of the most inflated foodstuffs are up:
37% . . . Flour,
34.8% . . Eggs,
29.2% . . Sweet peppers,
23.1% . . Milk,
21.6% . . Dried beans.

Already there are tons of tips in how to make your dollar go further, including one I never knew from grannymiller:

Eggs will freeze. In fact many of the eggs that are consumed in restaurants came in the back door as a frozen product.

The trick with eggs to break them into a clean bowl, whip them well so that the yolk & white are incorporated, then freeze them according to serving size or any other convenient unit of measure.

Come on in to view the other tips and even add some of your own.