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New member babs is wondering if you can help her:

Can anyone please advise on how I can fight my local township authority from taking down a beautiful oak tree that is over 60 feet high.

The tree is within the 15 foot easement and they say it has to come down as they are replacing lines. I just can't imagine taking this gorgeous, healthy tree down!

I am meeting with the foreman on Monday morning to hopefully come up with an alternative. Any advice would be grealy appreciated.

jcoffman empathizes:
We had the same sort of situation where I live involving a 100+ year old oak in the way of expanding a road. A lot of protests and meetings were held, even a fund raiser to help pay for putting a little curve in the road to avoid removing the tree. Finally everyone agreed to leave the tree and work around it. About two weeks later a bulldozer "accidently" knocked it down.

One suggestion from mikebeavis is:

Is it possible to do some hardcore pruning as opposed to chopping the whole thing down? Sometimes trees are better off for having some limbs removed, and that should also spur growth of new limbs over time.

Can you help?

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From the Forums: Help Save a Tree
New member babs is wondering if you can help her: