From the Forums: Greening Your Significant Other


jjpell27 has a sad story of a relationship gone wrong...

So I have been part of the env movement for a number of years and know a lot about everything that goes into our day-to-day lives, connections, consequences, and so on. About 6 months back I got involved in a relationship (my first for reference) with a girl who was partially understanding of some environmental issues (lived on a dairy farm, thus slightly in tune with her environment) but was really quite ignorant of a lot of issues. My attempts to educate her, unfortunately succeeded in driving her to be somebody she did not feel comfortable being, and thus ended our relationship.

She also felt that I judge her on any decision she makes. How do you not judge people who are not even remotely green? Maybe I just threw too much at her at once, I don't know.

So I guess the question I am placing is, what does one do if you find your soul mate, somebody you want to spend the rest of your life with, but they are unable to be as green as they could be, or to a degree not at all? And becoming green changes them into somebody they don’t like

So how can I live with somebody who wont make a change (for the better) when that is what my job will be out in the real world?

I guess looking for somebody in the environmental field is the only solution...

Anyway, just want to see what you all think on the matter, I don’t want "what went wrong counseling" or anything, just experiences or thoughts on the matter.

Personally I think if your passion is the environment, finding someone with similar passions is the only answer. It has been my vast experience that you can't change a leopard's spots. Then again, no one likes to feel judged.

Your thoughts for jjpell27?