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chelsea star hotel

Image Credit: photo of a room at the Chelsea Star Hotel by striatic
As a green option, has anyone every tried a hostel in the US outside of CA?

Seems it's primarily for single people or young couples traveling the country or vacationing. Being a young couple, thinking about trying one out sometime. Any problems with them that I should be aware of? Stealing, violence, smelly people, etc.?

I would say bring your ear plugs unless you are a very heavy sleeper. In a room with 5+ adults, I am sure at least one will snore!

One year, New York being all booked, I was only able to find a single room at the Chelsea Star Hotel/Hostel (I've avoided dorm style rooms since prison college). It was my first hostel. I had a nice visit and the staff was charming. I will say that in my opinion, if you do stay in a hostel, try to get a room close to the bathroom. No one wants to walk up stairs or down a long hallway at 2am.

How about you? Any tips? Favorite US Hostel or experience? Post your best story or hostel tips and my favorite post will get a $25 gift card for the Discovery Store.

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