From the Forums: Going Back to Incandescent?


Image Credit: JamesBowe-online

Clutchlove writes:

We have mostly fluorescent lights at our house and recently we had a blackout and I noticed how much more I enjoy the mellower glow of the candles to the harsh brightness of the lamps. Now I know that the issues of the temperature of fluorescents have been addressed, going with a warmer hue. But I've found that even those are just too bright. I was thinking of instead of having 15w CFLs putting out 700 lumens or whatever it is, I could put in a 15w incandescent putting out 100 lumens. I really don't need a super bright home at night. Its much easier on the eyes and lets in the darkness. We humans seem to shy away from the darkness far too often. In instances such as reading or surgery a brighter (LED maybe) lamp could be used for specific areas. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone could think of other ecological (or otherwise) reasons that this switch may not be a good idea.

What do you think?