From the Forums: Garden Photo Winners

sage flowers

Well the 22nd of June has come and gone and we've had a lot of interest in our forum garden photo contest. The point was not only to share our gardens with each other, but to inspire others to realize that you don't need a lot of land, and in some cases any land, to grow some of your own food or herbs.

We had a lot of amazing photos entered... The idea was I'd pick three of my favorite gardens. We had entries like the amazing hardworkinghippy who has a remarkable farm full of all sorts of food and flowers:


BurkeInTheOzarks has a backyard garden right out of a magazine or advertisement:


And shadixpn has one of the best ideas for converting what normally might be overlooked space:


After a long day of deliberation and going over the photos and ideas again and again...I finally have a decision.

And the winners are...