From the Forums: Environmental Groups Waste...Enthusiasm


Ian Gordon is wondering in the forums if some environmental groups aren't wasting the best renewable resource of all...volunteers:

You know things are not going well for a sector when they're turning down volunteer help.

There's a whole bunch of groups who've not even bothered responding to e-mails offering my services for free.


I imagine if I was to reach for my credit card it would be a different story.

It's a real pity. Business start up guru Guy Kawasaki says people like me are a godsend for any new business or enterprise, we're the zealots.

It just makes you wonder about the future when these organizations are supposed to be out fighting a war for hearts and minds but when you offer them both they don't bother pursuing the matter.

CRTreeDude goes on to point out:

Unless a group is setup for it, they really can't accept volunteers readily. Volunteers have to be "handled" and taken care of. Especially in an environment that isn't what they are used to.

We have had volunteers once, it was much more work for us than it was worth in regards to their production.

stevenchen18 says:

I feel that the people in the "green" community lack the personal touch. For example, I don't see many personal relationship among active menbers of treehugger. Each person is fighting his/her own battle.

I want to change that and have made some good friends already here.

My own $.02...I would say another issue is that there are likely some organizations with higher profiles that get too many volunteers, while some of the smaller groups find it difficult to find any. Regardless the discussion is pretty good, so join us.