From the Forums: Drilling in ANWR


President Bush is still pushing to get ANWR opened up for oil exploration and drilling. Member JGas wants to know what you think about it and asks:

Exactly what negative impacts on the environment would drilling at Anwar have other then automobile waste floating into the atmosphere? What negative impact would drilling have in or around Anwar itself?


I would suggest you go to areas such as Luling, Texas where the air is full of sulfur from the wells, the water is undrinkable, sewer gas burns your eyes, throat and nose, and you will see what drilling does first hand. Walk up to one of the working pumps and look at the oil on the ground around the pump. This is why the water is not drinkable.

So for a little bit of greed, the land is ruined for generations.

mrbenz7 is all for it:
Yes, I'm all for it, even just to put into the strategic oil reserve! We now have the ability to drill into the ground steering the bit where we want it to go minimising the impact on the environment. We also have an oil pipeline in relatively good shape, but it won't last forever, so we need to make the best use of it we can. Then recycle the metals in it after the discoveries have been exhausted!

The bottom line here is that if you really want to do something worthwhile to reduce our dependence on oil and other natural resources, try birth control! It's the most effective Silver Bullet that we have and the only one with a 100% guarantee of expected results! The claims that there is too little up there to make harvesting it worthwhile are intentionally misleading based on emotional reactions and less on facts!

Mass transportation will not be a solution. There are just to many remote areas of the country where this is not practical or feasuible and we cannot all live in cities unless the rest of you can stop eating!

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