From the Forums: Do You Support Biofuels?


With fuel and food prices set to climb higher and higher this year, two commodities whose prices hit the poorest of us, goldwave84 asks, do you support biofuel production?

He goes on to say:

A recent CNN report (March 07) showed that if biodiesel was in full swing in USA, it would only reduce 7% of the consumption of petrol. Why not focus MORE on electric technologies, hydrogen, and even pure oxygen? That would be a better choice.

SoCalSolar says:
Speaking specifically of bio-diesel, as I have looked into it quite a bit: A great aspect of bio-diesel is that it can be made from not only waste vegtable oil, but the waste products of food and meat packing plants - even various types of cellulose waste - lots of recycling potential. BUT, as MikeBeavis pointed out - it is best used locally for farm and truck use. To ship it all over creation in a vain attempt to replace our current national fuel distribution system is very inefficient and spoils the benefits it was intended to create.

My own thoughts are that I believe we need to move away from the idea of an engine based on combustion. I'm not saying this will happen anytime soon, but we need to disconnect our minds from what we've known in the past.

Biofuels only put us back in this cycle that creates strife between nations who have and who have not. If all nations on earth got their energy from the sun, well we'd need something else to argue over I guess. I'm sure we'd find it, but at least it won't be over fuel.

One serious problem with food as fuel that people don't think about, is if you think oil is unstable as a commodity, try plants. One bad season, crop or drought, or an infestation and this and other countries would be toast! We'd be back to importing something to make fuel from, and that ain't working out so well.

I think biofuels are a good idea only in that they are getting us to think about what a problem we have with oil and our need to find another solution, but biofuels only open more issues than they solve. Let's get back to solving the issues surrounding hunger and table biofuels for other technologies, like energy from the sun.

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