From the Forums: Do You Favor a Big 3 Bailout?


Considering the collateral damage to approximately 2-3 million consumers in various markets tied to the industry, should we?

ed answers:
It's time for a change. It's time to make a PROFIT. It's time to create JOBS. It's time to stop destroying JOBS. It's time to stop destroying Pensions and Health Care. It's time to stop Bribing people to take cars. It's time to face how worthless the Big-3 are.

Does it make sense, to invest $50 Billion in companies worth (less than) $8 Billion?

I believe $2 Billion dollars a day goes from the US to foreign countries for oil. It would be better to take $50 Billion and create USA jobs in Green industries, transitioning the USA from oil to renewable energy. Re-train and Re-use the jobless to Re-build the countries energy infrastructure (conceptually known as "I-765").

Let the Big-3 re-purpose themselves, to cars people need.

What do you think?