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JonRob asks:
Reading around the TreeHugger site I found a link to a guide about greening your office where it recommended using a laptop instead of a desktop because the power:price ratio isn't so great any more, and that laptops are massively more energy efficient than desktops. But I'm not so sure this is entirely true, is it?

For starters, the power:price ratio is still a pretty significant different IMHO, especially if you build a system yourself. Secondly, the energy efficiency of your desktop depends largely on the parts you buy and use...

...The main thought I had, was that if you buy a desktop that you can keep the majority of parts for five plus years, and at the end switch one or two parts and extend its life further, you're making even more savings in terms of the manufacturing of the components.

I don't know if any of this is that accurate, but I hope somebody could confirm/confute my thoughts on this?

Comments? Experiences? Thoughts?

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