From the Forums: Cut Power Bills With Timers

wall timer

From the HowTo Forum comes a tutorial on saving electricity and money by using timers:

I'm guilty of turning on a light or fan and forgetting it. The most common one is the walk-in closet where I often grab the clothes needed and forget to come back. There are four 40 Watt bulbs in there. That could easily cost $2 a month in wasted electricity.

One of the biggest electricity wasters is forgetting to turn something off, especially if you have kids. For example a bathroom light (generally several lights) and a fan could be forgotten and left on for hours. Multiply that by more than one bathroom, bedroom closets, laundry rooms, etc. and you are literally burning away money. In this economy with projected energy costs going up, investing in some hardware now can save you big money down the uncertain road.

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