From the Forums: Concern About Yoplait Yogurt Containers



I noticed today that the foil-like cover on the newer Yoplait yogurt containers is more like a potato chip bag than the previous aluminum foil type. I am referring to the oval style that is new, vs the tapered cylinder type that has been around for some time.

So I checked the bottom of the container out of curiosity. Oh boy...
The old style seems to have a foil 'cap' and is in a tapered cylinder that is made of plastic #5.
The new style's cover is more like a chip bag, and is an oval shape that is made of plastic #6 - polystyrene.

Correct me if I am wrong here, but did we not just go from a container that can be recycled to one that cannot?!?!? ...after all the products that are "made from recycled yogurt containers" like the laptop bag I have? After all the attention being paid to less packaging and what is used being able to be recycled?

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