From the Forums: Coffee Cups?


LKM asks :

We are having a debate about coffee cups in our church as we try to "go green."

There are some (me included) who would like to end the horrid Styrofoam cups. But there are some arguments going around.

1) using ceramic cups means washing them in a dishwasher (health department -- we serve to the public) and dishwashers use detergent and energy. Both are bad. The evidence I found seems to point to more water/energy used to make the Styrofoam.

--- BUT, now ---

2) Someone found a recent argument about how much energy is used to make a ceramic mug. (They said 1,600 uses to make it worthwhile) It will probably get dropped or broken long before it reaches that point. Someone else said only 70 uses to make it worthwhile. That's more hopeful, but still a lot.

So the question (other than giving up coffee) what is the best non-disposable, dishwasher safe, low-energy to produce, product can we find?

Oh, and did I mention -- as inexpensive as possible.

Can You Help?

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