From the Forums: "Clean Coal" Is at It Again!

coal-miners-with-mule photo

Image Credit: j3net via Flickr

Hyrdotopia writes:

Clean Coal has realized their "Clean Coal" campaign wasn't fooling anyone so now they are going for the same self-promoted PR by presenting Bush voter-types speaking about a new coal power plant in Arkansas. They are using subtle psychological warfare tactics and trying to show themselves as the realistic ordinary middle...The subtle psychological message here, without saying it directly, is that normal people see realistic solutions and others are unrealistic environmentalists...These corporations just seem to have an inherent ethics and honesty problem. They are inherently evil. Business to them is planned corruption...Others eating the outcome and casually expected to pay for it.

So is Hydrotopia right in saying that these corporations are purely evil? Or does clean coal have a place in the green movement? Join the conversation.

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