From the Forums: Beekeeping: From Hobby to Cash Cow

bees-at-hive photo

Image Credit: wohack via Flickr

SgtMajor has a dilemma:

It's time for a career change for me, and after much consideration we decided to take my beekeeping to a commercial level and start a commercial, migratory pollination beekeeping business. Yeah, I know, I said I'd never use bees to make money, and now I'm going back on that word, but let me explain a bit of my reasoning. Yes I know that hauling bees for hundreds of miles to pollinate various crops is not the greenest thing in the world, but neither is what I do now (work for a large private defense contractor)...I also have both the know-how and desire to do this in a more natural and eco-friendly manner than is currently the norm.

What do you think? Is SgtMajor going back on his word, or is the new career the better move? Join the conversation.

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