From the Forums: Bad Economy = Bad Diet


Image Courtesy of McDonalds™
eatright says:
From the AP
McDonald's Corp. said Monday its global same-store sales jumped 8.2 percent during the month. That beat the company's own prediction for a rise similar to the one it recorded in its last quarter, when same-store sales, or sales at locations open at least a year, jumped 7.1 percent worldwide.

"McDonald's strong October sales show that we are delivering what customers count on from McDonald's — choice, variety and high-quality food and beverages at affordable prices," Chief Executive Jim Skinner said in a statement.

As the economy takes a turn for the worst, people are starting to cut costs. However, the one place people should be investing in more is the food they eat. Relying on the cheapest foods full of starches, fats, and sugars could end up costing you more by hitting you where you can afford it least...your health. Studies show that a bad diet can lead to increases in depression, anxiety, and lethargy (to name a few). I think in these difficult times, everyone should be cutting back, but not on the quality of food.

You could spend $30 on fast food for your or your family or you could spend the same amount from your local organic co-op or CSA and get:

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