From the Forums: Average Summer Energy Use

average kilowatt

This fall I asked people in the forums to track their electricity use to have a comparison between different size homes, different sized families, and different areas of the country.

June was my lowest month coming in at 566. July climbed to 632 as the month got hotter towards the end and Aug was blazing hot so we had 737. we have 1100 sq ft and central air. I keep the shades closed during the day and close the windows before the outside temp gets close to being hotter than the inside. Even so, we had many many days in the 90's and 100's and I'd have the AC kick on at 80 degrees in the late afternoon. Luckily the nights here cool off so we were able to open the windows and get some ventilation going.

I can't imagine, however, how bad it could have been without all our insulation and double pane gas filled windows.

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