From the Forums: Anyone living off the grid, like Thoreau?


For many years now, I've been dreaming about retreating from society and live somewhere away from cities and civilization and modernity, living a very simple, peaceful, pure life in total harmony with nature--that'd be paradise for me, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Recently, I'm seriously considering to actually do it. But this is a huge life change, and there are many doubts and uncertainties, naturally, plus safety concerns. I think I have enough courage to do this in the near future, and right now, I'm still in the thinking/brainstorming stage, like how exactly to put the idea to practice, and which location is the most suitable place for this, and other such logistics. So it has occured to me to see if there are like-minded people out there, thinking the same things, or better yet, having actually done it.

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