From the Forums: 60 Minutes on Saudi Oil


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I think 60 Minutes may have done the American public a disservice yesterday (12/7). Leslie Stahl was speaking to a Saudi (the owner of some huge oil field) and they were showing all the infrastructure they were building, and spouting they had enough oil there, in the desert, for another 50 years.

First, if we were to believe it; we'd still be dependent on their oil. Lots of it and still cheap. Second, it might slow down our switch to cleaner fuels. Third, we would still have another 50 years of emissions adding to the mix. Fourth, she never mentioned (not once) about the emissions or global warming.

Lots of people watch 60 Minutes, and my worry/question is; when people saw that report they'll just think, cool, I can still keep my SUV and not worry about it.

Your thoughts?

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