From the Cutting-Room Floor- Notes, ideas and links from the past week

Head in the Sand Award:
From the head of GM in the New York Times. And it wasn't even April fools.Best April Fools page:
Those of us still snowboarding in April will agree with RealClimate's article- "A "consensus view" amongst climate scientists holds that the Northern Hemisphere will be warming this month, as spring is coming.....In a new novel, State of Euphoria, bestselling author Michael Crikey uncovers major flaws in this theory and warns against false hopes for the arrival of spring." Looking out the window, we think this is a real phenomenon.::Realclimate

We are also sending this link from Odograph to Bob Lutz of GM:::My New Car from Odograph

Most inane comment of the week award: The implications of this concept are staggering. We are forwarding same to Bob Lutz immediately.

Articles worth reading published this week:

The Long Emergency:
What's going to happen as we start running out of cheap gas to guzzle?
By James Howard Kunstler from ::Rolling Stone

Litterbug World:
'Gone Tomorrow' examines the realities of planned-in obsolescence and waste-by-design in our market economy, and argues that our addiction to waste needs much stronger solutions than recycling. ::Alternet

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