From the Contrarian's Keyboard: PVC in Biomimicry

TreeHugger has oft cited the virtues of biomimicy as an inspiration for designers and manufacturers. Conversely,our posts have often derided all things PVC, with the exceptions of reclamation of waste vinyl to make new products and replacement windows. With that as our intro, lets take a visit to the gallery of recent micro-photography contest winners., presented by NikonSmallWorld. The one winning picture from it we've included here is a closeup of a velcro fastener. See any similarity to a burdock burr (check below the fold if you like)? To stimulate some more life cycle thinking we pose these choices. If you were designing an outdoor garment, which is most superior in all regards for a wrist fastener: 1.) a carved cow bone button, 2.) rubber elastic insert, 3.) a brass snap, or, 4.) velcro (as pictured)?