From Patrick Stump to Robert Kennedy, Jr.: Musicians, Activists, and Celebrities Muse on the Meaning of Earth Day (Video)

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What does Patrick Stump have to say about Earth Day? It turns out...a lot. Image credit: Nancy Wilson

Big events draw big names, and the Climate Rally on the National Mall was no exception. Musicians from the Roots to Patrick Stump, Bob Weir to Sting took the stage to entertain the crowds between speeches from celebrities and activists including James Cameron, Margaret Atwood, Robert Kennedy Jr., and Dhani Jones.

TreeHugger was able to catch up with several of these special guests to ask their opinion on the meaning of Earth Day. Don't miss these videos to see what they said.

Fall Out Boy's Patrick Stump doesn't "believe in dogma," but he also commented that it is frustrating issues like polluting the environment has become a political issue. He also worried that it might take a critical realization—based on undeniable examples of the severity of environmental problems—to convince people that action is needed.

Grateful Dead founder Bob Weir has been an environmentalist since before the first Earth Day. He told TreeHugger that when the Grateful Dead first began supporting Greenpeace—by purchasing fuel for their boats—they were considered a lunatic fringe. Though that has changed, he commented that Earth Day means even more now than ever.

"Earth Day," Robert F. Kennedy Jr. told us, "is really a manifestation of democracy." The first celebration, then, was an effort to restore the "ancient environmental rights that had been stolen from citizens." This, however, is just the beginning of why celebrating Earth Day 40 years later is still important.

For NFL Linebacker, TV Personality, and avid cyclist, Dhani Jones, Earth Day is important because it offers time to sit back and think about "what we have to do." But, like Jones, we "hope that the day becomes a week and the week becomes a month, and the month becomes the year, and the year becomes the lifestyle, and the lifestyle becomes...the future."

Here's to the earth days, earth weeks, earth months, earth years, indeed, the earth's future.

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