From Kids' Lips to Pigs' Ears?

At least that's the path food's following when kids in Minnesota take their leftover school lunches and toss them into the bin headed for the pig farm instead of the local landfill It's all part of a program that enables them to learn about recycling and making better environmental choices at the same time as reducing the school districts costs as well

Officials at the county level estimate that each school is creating about 17 tons of waste each year, with roughly 80% of it being edible by hogs. When sanitized by steam and left to cool before being fed to the pigs, it's easy to see that it's a whole lot of chow that won't go to waste. And that's not to mention the space saved in the local landfill, and the cash it takes to cart it there. So how do kids feel about it? Well, first graders in one district became so enthusiastic about the whole concept that they started asking for second helpings at lunch time. Becoming somewhat suspicious of anyone asking for "seconds" from a school lunch program, their school administrators asked the kids to "fess up" as to what was going on . They confessed that they had been asking for more just so they could send more food to the pig farm because it was fun to do! Ultimately it's not confined to being just a school program, because there are already hospitals and businesses jumping on the bandwagon in Minnesota since they've seen how it can reduce their waste disposal costs as well . With hundreds of thousands of schools, hospitals, nursing homes, prisons, and businesses in America; I'm wondering just how much money and time we all could save from a program such as this .

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