From Hives to Honey Slideshow, Tweehive + More Bee Stories of the Week

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This week has been buzzing with bee-like activity. On Tuesday Tweehive was launched on Twitter with people around the globe taking part in a bee role playing game. This new media experiment mixed social biomimicry with environmental campaigning to great effect. Collin Dunn also saluted the wonderous world of bees with a Hives to Honey Slideshow. TH Blog Love does a waggle dance around the blogosphere to find some other thriving hives.BBC News: Rooftop bees make honey for hotel
"A hotel in London is serving guests its own honey after installing beehives on its rooftop. The bees, which are at The Royal Lancaster Hotel, near Hyde Park, were living in the middle of an estate in Camberwell, south London. It is thought to be the first time that bees have been kept at a central London hotel."

Greenormal: #TWEEHIVE - day 1: Tuesday 14th July 09 by John Grant
"Greetings fellow bees. Here is a very quick guide for those who want to get stuck into #TWEEHIVE. WHAT: let's all pretend to be bees on twitter for the day. WHY: raise awareness of the plight of the bees, we're doing this as part of and also just to have some new media fun."

Guardian Environment: Honeybee research funding must increase, MPs warn by Adam Vaughan
"The cross-party public accounts committee said that the honeybee's role in pollinating crops is worth £200m to the agricultural economy but that colonies were declining at an "alarming" rate. It is concerned that the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs risked "diluting" funding for research into the problem."

The Ecologist: Help protect our honeybees by Laura Sevier
"We all know our bees are in trouble. A third of UK bee colonies have been lost over the last two years and there have been many explanations given for this. There is strong evidence that neonicotinoids - a class of pesticide first used in agriculture in the mid 1990s at exactly the time when mass bee disappearances started occurring - are involved in the deaths."

Veg Plotting:
Voice of the Tweehive
by VP
"Firstly, a very warm welcome if you're a Tweehive participant - I'm not on Twitter, but I am one of your gardens for today - so do tell your friends I'm here. You should find a couple of flowers waiting for you on this blog - hosted by this post and another one which tells you all about my trip to Norfolk Lavender where we were surrounded by bees :)"

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