From Camping to Polar Bears: 7 Green Themes in ABC's Lost

Lost Green Theme #4: Fuel Supply is Limited

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In the real world, experts are wondering if we've reached peak oil, or the maximum amount of petroleum extraction that can be made before the results head downhill. Those on the island (in the present) live completely without fuel -- the only time we actually see anything run on fuel that was not brought in from the outside is when Hurley saves the day in season 3 in an old VW bus, one of the vehicles the Dharma Initiative once used for transportation.

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The fuel shortage is a particular problem in season 4, with the introduction of a helicopter -- and possibly the means of escape -- from Charles Widmore's people. When a group of survivors try to fly the helicopter to the tanker, heroic Sawyer throws away his chance of getting off the island and jumps out of it (already short on fuel, and now leaking fuel), in order to make it lighter and save his friends.

Lost Green Theme #5: John Locke is a TreeHugger

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More than any other character, John Locke is completely at home on the island -- building shelter, bringing home the bacon (he tends to shoot wild boar). Of course, this might have something to do with the fact that Locke can suddenly walk again after years of paralysis. As he says in season 5, episode 13: "It's not an island, it's a place where miracles happen."

Locke's love for the island doesn't necessarily bode well for the other survivors, as he often goes out of his way to destroy any chance to leave (blowing up submarines et al, not exactly TreeHugger). Yet Locke is still the first of the survivors to really value its beauty and the back-to-basics way of living it brings.

Lost Green Theme #6: Population Control and Baby Aaron

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The island seems to conduct its own population control. Until the birth of Aaron, successful pregnancies on the island did not exist. This could be because of number 2 on this list: The island is sentient, and doesn't want any more humans. Or, we could blame it on pollution -- with its messing with the big mysteries of science, the Dharma Initiative played around with hydrogen bombs, among other things.

Lost Green Theme #7: Behind the Scenes: Revolutionizing Distribution

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Plot and massive, expensive production aside, Lost is one of the first TV series to really embrace digital -- and therefore seriously cut back on all the wasted resources that comes with producing a DVD, packaging it, and shipping it worldwide. According to Wikipedia, Lost "was one of the first series issued through Apple's iTunes Store service for playback on an iPod or within the iTunes software." The network also rocked boats by making it one of the first series available for free streaming online.

So here's to tuning in to season 6 tonight.

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