Friends of the Earth UK: One Minute with Meaning

Green film competitions seem to be all the rage right now. Barely has the dust settled on our Covenient Truths contest, co-sponsored by Seventh Generation (remember, you can still see all entries here), and with the Sundance Channel closing the doors to new entrants for 'What's the Big Idea?' only days ago. Now we hear of yet another competition with a green video theme, this time from the UK. Friends of the Earth UK are asking supporters to submit a film, lasting exactly one minute, that sets out "how we look after our planet and use it like there is a tomorrow." Awards will apparently be made for the Best Green Film, selected by their high profile jury including Oscar-winner Lord Puttnam and producer Andrew Macdonald, and for People's Choice, which will be selected by the viewing public. We wish Friends of the Earth UK, and all competition entrants, luck in the contest. Anything that draws more attention to the crisis we are facing, and the solutions we have at hand, can only be a good thing. ::Friends of the Earth UK::