Freshtopia Hiatus — Get well soon Oscar Grimm

I was originally going to start this post by saying many congratulations to the Freshtopia team, our good friends and fellow vloggie winners, who very recently moved to a new home and studio and have teamed up with BlipTv and Podtech, allowing them to make three Freshtopia episodes a week! What a treat to be able to watch their fantastic vlog three times as often! But today I learnt that very sadly Oscar Grimm, Freshtopia’s co-creator, director, cameraman, and all round genius, not to mention presenter Tanja Andrews’ partner, has been taken very seriously ill. He has recently under gone major surgery to remove a cancerous mass from his brain and he is now currently undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatment. All of us here at TreeHugger want to send Oscar all our positive energy and strength and wish him the quickest recovery possible. Tanja has said please feel free to send Oscar get well messages through the Freshtopia site. While you are there do enjoy all the wonderful episodes that Freshtopia have made to date, (the most recent one, about olives, is posted above), and then get yourselves in the kitchen and start making some of Tanja’s delicious food. We look forward to seeing Freshtopia back in action very soon. :: Freshtopia

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