French Town Rolls Out Massive 1,400-Foot-Long Carpet Made of Grass (Video)

'Tapis rouge!' was a 2011 temporary art installation by Marseille-based artist, Gaëlle Villedary. It is currently spreading through the Internet like…well, crabgrass.

The living carpet was rolled out to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the art and nature trail program of the French town of Jaujac.

The carpet made of living sod spanned some 1,400 feet through the old town, and took followers through a circuitous path that lead them out into the valley where the stone village is situated.

Take a Ride on the 'Tapis rouge!'

Tapis rouge ! from Gaëlle Villedary on Vimeo.

It rolls down streets, around corners, up stairs, through trees and into the hearts of the viewer. According to Landzine, the artist hoped to create a “communion between nature and man through art.”

Multilingual TreeHugger readers may be wondering why a grass carpet installation is titled after what translates to "red carpet," who cares, I say, just enjoy it.

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