Freeplay Lifeline Radio

You can buy this radio. But Freeplay won’t give it to you. They simply take your money and send the radio to someone else! Someone who needs it way more than you. It’s an Aid/Relief radio, designed for children. Only provided to humanitarian groups around the world. No doubt you can see where I’m headed with this. I’m going, where an estimated 100,000 children have been separated from their families, where communications, batteries, electricity are in inverse supply to rumour and misinformation. Where health and hygiene information is vital to suppress the possible second tragedy of disease. Tsunami ravaged asia needs reliable communications and you can give it to them. As you’d expect from those folk who brought us the Jonta wind-up torch, the Lifeline is a rugged, all-weather, solar-powered, human-powered radio that receives broadcasts in AM, FM and Shortwave. Buy one for just $55 USD (£35 or €45) and Freeplay will ship it where it’s genuinely needed. (Not for sale in any electronic shops.) This is truly Design for the Real World, is it not? ::Freeplay Foundation [by WM]