Freecycle Arrives to Argentina


With all of the social and economic problems we have here in South America, sometimes it's hard to believe people have time to think about sustainability and recycling. But more and more (with our help too!), people do. Another proof of this is the news that the Freecycle network has gained its Argentinean group. "This is just starting, we're 200 members and few are active, but it's only a matter of time, that the group gets noticed", says Matías, 22 years old, one of the local website's moderator. Although he says the big difference with northern countries is that in this area people always has a relative or friend with needs -so it's harder for them to offer electronic devices-, another moderator (Victoria Anda) notices that "three months ago, there were only 100 members, and now the number has reached 200". So it seems it's time for us Argentinean -and why not South American- TreeHuggers to sign up and start giving! ::Freecycle Argentina
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