Freebie from Journal of Industrial Ecology

Yep, the Winter-Spring 2005 edition of the very esteemed, peer reviewed, international Journal of Industrial Ecology by MIT Press, is yours for nada, zilch, zero cost. Download this complete special bumper issue, which focuses on 'Consumption and Industrial Ecology'. This particular edition "breaks new ground in providing systematic and quantitative assessments of the impact of consumption — what we buy and what we use — on the environment." It covers topics such as worktime reduction, product life spans, quality of life and "the rebound effect", (whereby we actually use more of something, because we perceive it to be greener, like driving more in your Prius, because it has better fuel economy). Other writers look at "the environmental impact of consumption at the household, city, and national levels in countries around the world." So set aside some download time (there are 25 articles!) and get the good oil (so to speak) from key thinkers in this crucial area. ::Journal of Industrial Ecology