Free the Grist Staff: Bloggers Held Captive

Grist Staff Held Hostage by Own Boss
Grist's Scew Earth Day Campaign may not have thrilled my fellow TreeHugger Lloyd, but it did stir up some debate - and that, I suspect, was the point. From its interview with Al Gore to its series on poverty and the environment, Grist is never afraid to ask the uncomfortable questions in the search for sustainability. But now the folks at Grist need your help - their maniacal boss has imprisoned the entire staff in a desperate attempt to raise funds.President Chip Giller (who isn't really a maniac!) explains the motivation behind the Grist fund drive:

For our spring fundraiser, we're trying something crazy, even by Grist standards: I'm making the entire staff camp out in our offices until we've raised $50,000! Today is Day 1 of Operation Fundraising Lockdown, and so far morale is high. We've got snacks (organic, of course), flashlights, and Mad Libs. What could go wrong?

Won't you make a contribution to Grist today?

It's a dedicated group here. And that's what's made Grist the go-to source for green news and commentary. We have a reporter in DC getting the scoop on the latest climate bill, an advice columnist who answers your eco-dilemmas, a food dude who calls out the shenanigans of Big Ag, and much, much more. But as a nonprofit, we depend on your support.

Of course, as fellow TreeHugger Chris pointed out, we're not really sure what they're all complaining about. After all, we all work where we sleep anyway.

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