Free Radicals: Get Sustainability Off Your Chest


"Free radicals, the [Sydney] Powerhouse Museum's monthly series of sustainability talks, is back with an even sharper edge and a new time. Aimed at anyone who enjoys an argument, is worried about the sustainability of their lifestyle, or who is new to the sustainability arena and loaded with questions, Free Radicals takes on all the big issues in an intelligent and entertaining way." In the past discussions have included urban expansion, activism, the rise of air conditioning as a 'need', and desalination as cure or curse for Sydney's water shortage. The next Free Radicals scheduled for Thursday 9 November 06 will tackle the Australian nuclear energy debate. How topical could this be? Given that at the start of this week, the Australian Prime Minister finally laid his cards on the table, saying, "In an age where we're worried about global warming we should be looking seriously at nuclear power as an option, because it's clean and it doesn't emit greenhouse gases and I can't understand why the extreme Greenies oppose it." Yeh, we're that worried about global warming that we refuse to sign up to Kyoto, even though our agreed targets allowed us to actually increase emissions, not reduce them. Australia currently only has one nuclear reactor, for medical isotope production, though we do sit on some of the world's largest reserves of uranium. Should make for an interesting debate, and like the name says, it's free! ::Free Radicals. (Free Radicals also has a blog, which recently noted the amazing Breathing Earth simulation, that we posted here.)

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