Free For Free. Yoink Costs Next To Nothing to Find Free Stuff

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Yoink is new software that gives a triple scoop of that tasty treat: Free. It is a free iPhone application, which provides a free service geographically linking people who want to give away free stuff with those who want it.

Think of it as Freecycle in your pocket. As the media release explains,"The Yoink iPhone application uses the inbuilt camera to photograph the item and the GPS to determine the location so people only have to write a short text description to list an item."

Although a new service, to be officially launched next week, early members in Australia, USA, Canada, Italy and Macedonia have been apparently giving away free televisions, clothes, mobile phones, satellite dishes and even free range eggs. If you want to declutter, snap a pic of that say that old slide projector you no longer use. A photography aficionado sees your listing is near to her and lodges a Yoink (meaning to snatch or "take ownership."). The system then allows giver and getter to message one another to arrange a pick-up.

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Image: Bonobo

There's no bidding, no exchange of money, no postage (it's personal pick-up only). All sounds rather simple. Yet surprisingly effective. For when we checked out the iTunes Yoink listing, it had 12 out of 13 reviewers awarding the application five stars.

And when visiting new suburbs or towns the application's map and GPS features allow you drill down to those people who are offering free stuff near to your new location.

Most of us in so called 'developed' countries have unfortunately accumulated stuff we no longer need. Yoink looks like an ideal medium to arrange for others to adopt our pre-loved treasures.

By taking stuff off our hands Yoinkers not only simplify our lives, but they also negate the need to buy shiny new stuff. Stuff which would've otherwise resulted in the extraction of more dwindling resources, and use of polluting energy in production processes.

Of course, nothing is entirely free. You still need to have paid for an iPhone and a mobile phone account to use the service.

Yoink is the the work of a venture based in Canberra, Australia, known as Bonobo. How can they do this all for free? Not sure, but the company describes itself as a "self-funded Australian technology startup."

So what do you have to lose? A free worldwide service that uses a free application to give or get free stuff.

Oh and yes there is a web-based Yoink if don't have an iPhone.

Yoink for iPhone
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