Free Eco-Design PDF books


LCA, EE, PCR, EPR, VOCs, SBS, IAQ, PSS, FSC. Blah blah! Ecodesign jargon. Whilst acronyms might be boring, the ideas and concepts behind them can be fascinating. At TreeHugger, we’re about explaining the mysteries of such stuff, with useful examples. But if you can’t wait for us to get to each area, then dive deep into two recent, no-cost, digital books on the subject.Created earlier this year, Environmentally Sustainable Product (ESP) Design offer a free resource for design students and professionals seeking to learn about Sustainable Product Design. On the site you’ll find a free PDF download of a 69 page booklet of the same name. Jam packed with plenty of useful tips and leads for people interested in this field. ::ESPDesign

If this doesn’t sate your curiosity then try a similar venture by Design: Green. With the endorsement by the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) and the o2-Global network of green designers, this project has conducted workshops in New York, Minneapolis and Chicago during 2004. To wrap up those workshops a 57 page downloadable PDF booklet is now available. Filled with bucketloads of useful information. ::Design:Green [by WM]