Franke James on Global Warming in Canada

Toronto artist/ ad exec Franke James asked Freakonomics author Steven Levitt about Global warming and he responded "why worry about it? Global warming is going to be good for Canada. Look how much more of the country will be populated if it's warmer!" She is dumfounded, and after a trip north to ski country for New Years she put together a collection of photographs and drawings with handwritten notes that tell the story of the shock of New Years without snow. Called A Green Winter: Will Global Warming Be Good For Canada? It has been very popular and is even going into a new university textbook. "It's different. It's powerful. It's contemporary," said Kim Blank, a professor of English literature and cultural studies at the University of Victoria to the Star. It is effective, an emotional reaction to the physical problem of a changing country. Read it at ::Franke James

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