Foursquare Gets Peed On: App Combines Biological and Digital Territorial Marking

Mark Your Territory Concept photoMark Your Territory/Video screen capture

As a relative technological luddite, I’ve only been thinly aware of Foursquare’s location-based take on the social networking experience.

But I do love to pee on things.

In fact, from the green benefits of public urination, through a public urinal that feeds plants with pee, to peeing on my garden mulch for fertilizer, some have argued I have a mild obsession with all things pee-related.

So how could I resist posting about a new technology that, its makers claim, combines the age-old intra-species practice of territorial pissing with its modern equivalent— the Foursquare check-in?

Found via the wonderfully titled Ecosnobbery Sucks, the makers of Mark Your Territory (MYT) envision a day when everyone carries personalized business cards that they inset in the ground, connect to their android device, and then pee on to simultaneously generate a digital and real-world territorial claim.

And just in case you are worried about the waste and resources that go into such an idea – the business card is biodegradable and includes a unique mix of seeds that will help you make your territory truly your own.

How much does it cost? If you’re an eccentric billionaire, MYT will build you a kit for $10,000. Otherwise, you’ll just have to follow this Instructable.

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