FoundClothing a Shopping Alternative in a Saggy Economy

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It's not hard to see the increased appeal of vintage and clothing swaps in a (necessarily?) contracting economy. Some of us have been second-hand thrift shoppers before it was cool, though, because we were economically-challenged and/or liked the thrill of the free find.

Found clothing is the opposite of "fast fashion"
Chicago resident Lauri Apple has creatively taken the thrift idea a bit further by applying that venerable old past-time of dumpster diving and specifically applying it to fashion (she washes everything before she wears it). Apple is not only an expert at finding cool stuff on the streets of her city (she lists "clothes finding" on her resume). She has also actively been documenting her finds on her blog FoundClothing for the last 2.5 years - recent scores include a Coach bag and Prada sunglasses.Spreading frugal fashion
Apple, whose blog also accepts photos and short story captions from other finders from all over the world, thinks more people should take to the streets and keep a keen eye out for discarded clothes. It's very frugal fashion, and Apple has truly found great stuff on the streets, piled under leaves, in curbside bags, tossed into bins.

For some of the found items it would be great if FoundClothing included some kind of safe way for people to reclaim beloved clothes! Apple does re-donate usable stuff she finds and is not interested in to clothing collectors. It's very cool that she's keeping clothes out of waste stream - Americans needlessly trash millions of pounds of still usable clothing each year, says the EPA. In Norway an upcoming law will make it illegal to discard textiles. Via: FoundClothing

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