Forum Frenzy Starts Today!


You have been asking for it and here it is; the new Forum section. There are only two sections: Everything Green and Everything Else. I (Lloyd Alter, not Russell Crowe and we know, that is the Coliseum, not the Forum) will be your possibly immoderate moderator for the start, keeping it clean but otherwise trying to keep discussion going. I have started a few threads:

Everything about lighting since everyone has an opinion on CFLs
Food: How Local is Your Meal? moderated by Kelly Rossiter, back from her sabbatical and producing recipes again. We want to know where your food comes from, what you can buy, and map it all.
A new hybrid? or an old clunker? Keep your car and fix it or buy a new, fuel efficient one? What do you do to reduce fuel use or keep it clean?
Nukes or No Nukes? It is so controversial. Nuclear plants don't produce CO2 but building them and digging up uranium sure do.
High Tech Solutions to Global Warming? So many ideas out there from aerosols to making snow in the Arctic. What is your idea and what do you think of the others?

And, in the everything else:
What do you want to see in treehugger? If you were cavorting in the woods with Graham, What would you tell him? what do you like? What do you hate? What do you want to see?

You can join existing threads or propose your own. Come on in at ::TreeHugger Forums