Forget Cyber Monday, It's Green Gift Monday

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Just a reminder that it is Green Gift Monday, an alternative to Cyber Monday. Jeff wrote previously:

The Green Gift Monday campaign is from The Nature Conservancy. To participate, it's the same deal as last year:

1) Sign the pledge to give green this holiday season.
2) Promote the day through social media, using the hash tag #GGM2011 on The Twitter.
3) Don't forget to tell your regular friends, too, through something called "word of mouth."

The Nature Conservancy provides Seven Tips for a “Greener” Holiday that include receiving less, giving wisely, wrapping right, using e-cards, buy a real tree (always a controversial issue) and I think the most important, spend some time in nature.

More on TreeHugger: Get a Case of the Green Gift Mondays and The Nature Conservancy.

Forget Cyber Monday, It's Green Gift Monday
If you are going to spend money today, do it for a good cause and on a green gift.

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