This forest sings and sighs with sound

Boom boom forest soundscape
© Sander Heezen/Studio Toer

Trees have a language of their own. They rustle and whistle, they creak and moan. But the trees in the forest on the Dutch island of Vlieland go beyond that and actually create music, thanks to an interactive soundscape installation created by Studio Toer for the Into The Great Wide Open festival.

The Boom Boom project (which means "tree tree" in Dutch) bestows the trees with music and vibrations which come to life when approached, touched, stroked, hugged. In essence, they become musical instruments. When attendees amble from one stage to another through the forest at the performance and arts festival, the trees together create a chorus that winds its way through the trunks and boughs.

With Boom Boom, Toer wanted to boost the already beautiful scenery of the festival while creating a playful environment that challenges us to look more closely at the natural world that surrounds us.

“It invites visitors to hug the trees and experience an extraordinary way of physical contact with nature,” notes the studio. If trees could sing, it's not too much of a stretch to imagine that this is what they'd sound like.

This forest sings and sighs with sound
Touch the trees, hear them hum and murmur.

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