Foresight Design Initiative Organises Urban Sustainable Design Studio

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We all know what you did last summer, but the question is what are you going to do this summer? Something interesting, inspiring, educational, motivational even? Well the Urban Sustainable Design Studio might be just what you are looking for. Foresight Design Initiative a.k.a. o2 Chicago, run by Peter Nicholson, has expanded it’s usual month long design studio in January to a summer eight-week intensive program. We often hear people asking where to find sustainable design courses and as Peter says ‘I wish this course existed when I became involved in the sustainability sector, I don't know of anything else quite like it anywhere’. The program is open to anyone college-age or older serious about gaining experience in how to research, devise and implement more sustainable solutions to a range of issues in an urban context. It sounds like a fantastic opportunity for design students who have been missing the environmental perspective in their degree courses, or indeed for professionals who want move towards sustainable design work, but don’t have time to do a full undergraduate degree or masters. The program will take place in Chicago from June 12 to August 4. The application deadline is April 14. via:o2 group ::Foresight Design Initiative