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We've previously made mention of Wilson Sporting Goods when they came out with a recycled content basketball. In more recent times they've been applying the same eco attention to the sport of golf.

And it's not like recycling is a new thing to the company. Indeed it was inherent in their very formation. Almost 100 years ago a meat-packing firm sought to re-use their slaughterhouse byproducts. This led to a line of tennis racket strings, baseball shoes and tennis racquets, before moving onto other ball sport goods.Recycled Golf Products
Wilson's golf products include the Eco-Carry golf bag, made from 100% recycled fabric, which picked up a Golf Digest's Hot List Award. Wilson reckon that making on such bag diverts the equivalent of about 12 plastic one-gallon bottles, from landfill. They also suggest that the process reduces carbon dioxide emissions by 70 %, when compared to virgin polyester production.

To stow inside your recycled golf bag, you can choose their Eco-Core golf balls.The core of which is made of devulcanised, recycled rubber tires, again diverted from landfilll. Packaging for the Eco-Core golf ball has been reduced by 50% as well as being formed from recycled cardboard.

And given that an estimated 300 million golf balls are lost annually in the USA, it seems sensible to make them from less energy intense materials. Particularly as those millions of golf balls are likely to take 1,000 years to breakdown.

PS. Wilson Sport Goods is owned by the same parent company, who own mountain sports innovator, Arc'teryx.

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