Florida Senator Again Tries To Make Photographing Farms Illegal

chickens in cage photoMatt MacGillivray/CC BY 2.0

The same Florida state senator who tried pushing through a bill back in May which would make photographing a farm without prior permission a crime, and ultimately was rejected, is back at it.

Pixiq reports that Jim Norman has introduced a new bill which would make it a crime to (in Pixiq's words) "step on the farm property without the owner's permission to take pictures or make audio and video recordings."

That existing trespassing laws already cover such acts apparently is beside the point to Norman.

As with similar bills that were proposed in various states throughout 2011, and failed, the motivation is clearly to prevent abuses of farm animals and workers from being documented by undercover investigations—as happened in shocking detail a number of times in the past 12 months, and has been the case for many years.

Though Pixiq attempted to find document shady connections between Norman and Big Ag they came up short, but did manage to find enough evidence to support claims by the largely conservative Tampa Tribune editorial board's that Norman is "a deceptive, self-interested politician who has displayed little regard for ethical behavior."

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