Florida School Saves Energy, Cash With 4 Day Week

When we recently pointed out that some school districts were eyeing a four day school week as a way to cut costs and save energy there were some who thought the whole idea was just too outlandish to pull off. And at the K-12 level it just may be; but when faced with huge cuts in state aid the officials at Brevard Community College in Dayton Beach, Florida took the plunge and the students and staff members are reaping enormous benefits.

But what benefits are they now enjoying?

Benefits of Four Day Work Week
Well how about considering the huge bump in morale on campus to go along with the $267,000 they saved from turning down the heating and cooling systems along with other cost efficiencies of a four day week in just the last year?

And the evidence for the improved staff morale is clear; with absenteeism down 44% and applications for staff positions up 50%, they’re also finding they have the pick of the crop when it comes to potential new employees.

Of course students are seeing the benefits as well, cutting their gas bill with just one less trip to school and using that time in a myriad of different ways. A fact that also could lessen their personal carbon footprint along with the college itself depending on what they choose to do with the extra day.

Oh yes, and that $267,000 they saved in part by making their school campus more energy efficient? It’s been put back into 10 new teaching positions to help drive learning on campus. Now who can beat that?

Via: Tipster Claire, CNN Video
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