Fivelimes: Green Shopping Community Goes Live


Based on the belief that "going green" isn't difficult if you have access to the right information, aims to be your central resource for all things eco-friendly and socially responsible. The web-based community, which had been in beta for several months (we mentioned them before), officially launched late last week and has the beginnings of what could be an impressive collection of green products and services. Sort of like Hugg, but with stuff instead of news, the site invites users to submit their favorite book (like The Big Green Apple) or coffee table (like Iannone Sanderson's kirei beauty, pictured above) or little gadget (like the Jimi iPod nano case, also pictured); other users can then add their own rating and review or follow the link to buy it. Participation is free; Fivelimes wants to leverage the power of the masses, so they want everyone to be involved. If you've seen some groovy green stuff and want others to know about it, click on over and share it with the world. ::Fivelimes via ::Hugg

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