Five Best Green-Ass Video Ads

Best Green-Ass Ads, Number 1

The Green Movement needs to compete for consumer attention. Funny, eye-catching ads open the door for change. As an inspiration, we bring you the five best ads featuring buttocks, mostly naked buttocks, to sell the environmental cause. Top ranked: Greenpeace's You Are My Sunshine Ad for energy efficient lightbulbs. File under: "Only the British..." We won't let you in on the punchline: wait for it. Wait for it. LOL.
Best Green-Ass Ads, Number 2
Going vegetarian always sparks debate, but what can we say? It is Alicia Silverstone's ass after all.

Best Green-Ass Ads, Number 3
Bikie sparked interest in kick-ass ads but ranks only number three: promoting bicycles and bike reusability wins high green points, but the ad loses a few points due to lack of bum density. Bonus points for the gentleman peddling merrily along.

Best Green-Ass Ads, Number 4

Coming in at number 4, this ad from highlights a service for the paperless office, replacing the old-fashioned fossil fuel transport of registered information printed on dead trees. Points for creative depiction of business bums.

Best Green-Ass Ads, Number 5

Good Hot won a runner's up in the Ecospot competition for short videos to promote solving the climate crisis. Points for a campaign concept which can be extended to many issues in environmental causes. Points lost with the hopes that the green movement can compete with fast food chains and big buck retailers using a solid good, hot woman instead of thinspiration.

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