Fisherman Sings Rousing Protest Song at Oil Spill Hearing (Video)


We've seen testimony of fisherman after fisherman and Gulf Coast resident after Gulf Coast resident lament the woes inflicted upon their home by the BP spill. So how does one go about setting himself apart from the crowd at yet another Oil Spill Commission hearing? You grab a guitar and belt out a song you wrote about the oil spill, right to the committee's face, that's how. And that's exactly what the recently unemployed crawfisherman Drew Landry did. Watch:

Landry took the mike during the public comment period of Monday's Oil Spill Commission hearing, and surprised the panel -- and the crowd, which quickly fell silent -- by launching into the above folk song. The performance was captured on C-SPAN, and has now been making the rounds on the blogs and local media.

And it's a pretty damn good song to boot. As with many good folk songs, it puts the narrative of the tragic event into verse, with memorable melody -- heads up, A&R; reps (if you still exist, that is).

Here are the lyrics to the tune, via

grew up on the southern shore Louisiana now there ain't no more

kickin mud off up a crawfish hole barefooted with a fishin pole

make a living with my own two hands hell it's part of being who I am

went to workin in the oil fields that's the only way to pay our bills

and if I'm lucky I can have a son take him hunting like his daddy done

get him workin on a shrimpin boat up and down the Gulf of Mexico

eleven dead out on a deep sea rig doin what it is they had to live

oil bleeding from a gaping hole up and down the Gulf of Mexico

Morgan City down to Mobile Bay Pascagula down to FLA

still I'm stuck out here for 7 more watching everything turn black offshore

and brother even if they cap the well hell it's just another oil spill

our way of life won't be around no more and all I wanted was to go back home.

little brother he ain't feeling well, what you spraying on that oil spill

how many of us gonna lose our lives before the people get to work on time

kickin mud up off a crawfish hole barefooted with a fishing pole

goin back into the oil fields that's the only way to pay our bills...

Via the Huffington Post

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